3SK Architects Office Building


Lycabettous, Athens



This is the building which houses 3SK Stylianidis Architects on Kleomenous Street, Kolonaki. What makes this building stand out from the neighbouring ones is its enigmatic façade. A stainless steel mesh acts as a giant fencing mask suspended in front of the window frames behind which the concrete is visible; it is that glass and concrete which form the true façade.

The main volume of the building is a parallelogram that measures 7.00 x 17.00 meters; it is pierced diagonally by an exposed wedge-shaped concrete slab that dominates the space along its west side. This piercing forms the two storey section of the house while the rest remains a double height space completely open to the north, and serves as a covered courtyard. This architectural feature gives the building its unique character. The main bedroom is upstairs and looks out towards the above mentioned light-filled courtyard.

During the day this mesh appears to be a solid wall while at night it lights up as a veil revealing the activities in the office to the street. The architects create a small ‘theatre’ suspended above the ground floor pilotis which is used as a parking space and which also houses the reception area. The open part of the plot has been transformed into a small garden, making it a small oasis among the congested environment.

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