Helona Resort


Kardamaina, Kos



The gentle incline and Mediterranean style landscaping around the site gradually lead down to sand dunes with scattered Prickly Junipers and then arriving at the beach. The landscape is not the typical Greek one with olive trees, vines, and the semi-rocky terrain we have all become used to. bThe intention was to create a built environment that leaves a strong impression, but which also blends into relatively neutral surroundings.

Although the building appears to be complicated it is in fact a repetition of the same unit with small variations and for that reason a non-obvious rhythmic repetition has been established. The materials are simple but with excellent finishes (roman mortar, stone, copper, wood, rough-hewn granite and marble) creating a clear and vibrant atmosphere for summer holidays.

The water surrounding the building adds the necessary sense of freshness and luxury. The central north-south axis which leads to the sea commences from the main building which is comprised of two twin volumes with copper-covered domes. Left and right of the path are the rooms. Total capacity is 500 beds.

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