Horizon Blu





A waterfront beauty

Built in a great location, along the waterfront promenade of vibrant Kalamata, this is a five-star luxury hotel. The plot is 10.200 square meters and the building is 4.950 square meters. The complex comprises of a single L shape building with a twist, accommodating of 89 beds and communal areas. Swimming pools and water features integrate with the building. It's positioning on site allows sea views from every room, due to its small site inclination.

The architectural language used is characterized by some timeless elements. To mention just a couple, part of the flat roofs are planted whilst other rooftops follow local features, such as pits and finishes. Water is a dominant element of the setting, whilst the elegantly designed yachting style external features, add a playful note. This project was with co-operation of Mrs Kontozoglou in the preparation of the architectural design.

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