Daios Cove


Agios Nikolaos, Crete



The 220,000 m2 site covers the entire leeward side of an eastward facing bay and lies just 5 km south-east of Agios Nikolaos on the island of Crete.A five star 717-bed luxury resort, covering 32,000m2 with a conference centre capable of hosting around 400 people and a thalassotherapy centre, was built on the longer side of the bay.

Following a decision of the Central Archaeological Council, a small part of the plot remains ‘as is’, without any building activities there because of the existence of an ancient quarry. This allows the hotel an unimpeded view across the open natural landscape in this particular section of the bay. The buildings are arranged amphitheatre-like because of the incline of the terrain, with a large part of them having been covered over will soil and planted. As mentioned, because of the incline of the site, access to communal areas is from above and via three telepheriques or small electric cars one can access the rooms or the sea below.

The one or two-storey rooms, types of which many have their own small private pools, are grouped in small complexes of five or six rooms laid out in accordance with the slope of the terrain. These small complexes are in turn grouped into three larger groups which in design terms constitute a unit.

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