Mykonos Riviera Hotel & Spa





The five-star hotel is located amphitheatrically in the area of Tourlos, the main Marina in Mykonos. It is densely built due to its location; a 45-room luxury hotel was designed taking in mind: that all rooms have uninterrupted sea views, keeping sound away from the main artery road that connects the main harbor to the island’s center.Reception and Lobby access are via a courtyard directly near the main road. From the Lobby the client is directed via an inclined open-air pathway to the communal areas, the restaurant and the Spa.The long swimming pool and communal verandahs are located above the reception level and approximately about 5 meters higher than the road level; thus, minimizing traffic noise whilst at the same time there is unlimited sea view.There is a central axial route with steps and elevators that leads to the various hotel guest room wings.

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