Neokleous Office Building


Limassol, Cyprus



The building consists of an elongated solid figure covered entirely in stone with two ‘towers’ at its ends. This building is the headquarters of one of Cyprus' most prominent law firms. The starting point for the design were the scales of justice, moving without achieving equilibrium.

The ‘towers’ appear to balance on various levels and are in part occupied by internal spaces within the building and in part by balconies. The most important rooms in the building were placed here: the central library, the meeting rooms, the small events amphitheatre and the management offices. The facade resembles a piece of lace, except that it is made of stone, comprising of vertical and horizontal elements varying in terms of their layout depending on their location around the building.

The entrance hall consists of a large, multi-storey atrium which gives the impression that the ‘tower’ next to the entrance is surrounded on all sides by the external space. On the first level is a small amphitheatre which is suspended above a watery surface. The rest of the ground floor facing the avenue is a shop. This project was with co-operation of Mrs Kontozoglou in the preparation of the architectural design.

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