Poseidonion Grand Hotel





A cosmopolitan habit since 1911

The project was designed by the architect P. Zizilas in 1911 inspired by the ideas of the owner Sotiris Anargyros, who was a famous cosmopolitan figure of the time and benefactor of Spetses Island. The hotel opened for business in 1914 and immediately met a social need and provided a holiday spot for residents of Athens.

After the war it went into decline but was renovated in 1960 and experienced a short boom. Changes in ownership, changes on the island and in holiday habits resulted in the hotel business withering. However, in 2005 a group of businessmen undertook to breathe new life into the charming, listed shell of the hotel and to create a unique holiday destination full of history, after the necessary repairs and modernization were carried out. The buildings were fully renovated and bathrooms and other necessary facilities were added. A new eighteen room wing was added along with an office building and a small exhibition space. The result is a hotel with fifty eight rooms of various types and sizes.

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