The office

3SK Stylianidis Architects S.A. was founded in 2004 and is a registered practice with its office located in Athens, Greece.

3SK Stylianidis Architects S.A. was founded in 2004 and is a registered practice with its office located in Athens, Greece; it is an office with an extensive and proven track record of designing and delivering buildings of a high calibre both within Greece and abroad.

The practice has considerable expertise in handling complex design projects, more specifically: hotels and hospitality projects, public buildings, cultural centres, theatres, museums, offices, retail, banks, as well as private houses and residential complexes, and the remodeling of listed buildings. It has the capacity to handle major projects and work to demanding programs. Project teams are formed with specialist consultant engineers and surveyors where required. Overall the practice has fifty years experience in the architectural field. Today, the company operates under the above-mentioned name and corporate form, with the aforementioned architects as its core partners.


3SK Stylianidis Architects has successfully designed / supervised and completed more than 50 newly built large-scale luxury Hotels, renovated Hotel complexes, and has undertaken difficult remodelling of listed buildings. Our experience in the Hotel / Leisure field is extensive and we are committed to providing the client with an excellent end-product, and most importantly a successful one. The Hotel projects we have designed are amongst the best and strongest in the market. As a result, we are highly qualified in managing complex construction projects and competent for coordinating all necessary studies and bureaucratic procedures. Our practice has also vast experience in other design fields: residential / housing, offices / retail and cultural buildings. One of our flagship projects is the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens, a project successfully realized and opened in 2016.


Our work is highly specific. The projects respond to existing buildings or are designed within constraining contexts. They address diverse programs. Consequently, there is little superficial similarity of style between them, there is however an underlying consistency. Each project relies on a poetic conception to inform the design and to displace the banal and the conventional. Each project demonstrates an interest in sculptural aspects of architecture, in experimenting with the richness of form, material, texture and colour. And in each project there is a concern for a sense of construction. This feeling reflects our working method, which maintains a close involvement with the engineering, economy and construction of the projects; and also a sense of the necessary integrity of architecture and construction. After all, architecture is both the art and science of building.


Our company adapts to the insurance terms of each project and forms coverage contracts depending on the specific demands.

Key personnel

Antonis Stylianidis

Τ.U. Berlin | MTEE | Founding Partner, CEO | Architect

He studied architecture at the Berlin Technische University, graduating in 1964. He worked for a number of architectural practices in Europe and subsequently at the office of Walter Gropius in Boston, USA, in 1966. He returned to Athens in 1968 and started the practice the following year.

Vangelis Stylianidis

NTUA | CRU | MTEE | Founding Partner, Vice President | Architect

He studied architecture at the National Technical University of Athens, graduating in 1975. Between 1975 and 1977, he continued his studies in Paris where he completed postgraduate Masters on Urbanism at Sorbonne and Geographie at the CRU (Centre de Recherches d’Urbanism). He returned to Athens in 1978 to join Antonis Stylianidis.

Vangelis is a fascinating architect and persona. His designs represent his deep thought and architecture knowledge of past and present.

Vassia Stylianidi

UOW | BA (Hons) | RIBA (I, II) | MTEE | Partner | Lead Architect

She studied architecture at KIAD, Canterbury (1994-97) and at the University of Westminster, London, graduating at 2000. She collaborated with a London-based architectural practice for one year and worked in Perth Australia for two years. She joined 3SK Stylianidis Architects in 2001 and she is one of the partners of the company.

Vassia has been involved in a variety of projects, in the hospitality field. She has a proven track record in Interior Design winning multiple awards for the office. She is excellent in working with varied team members and has a great ability of delivering unique yet project specific interiors with great attention to detail understanding issues of time cost and delivery.




Nic Hatziyiannakis

Lead Project Manager, Architect

Athanasia Molohadi

Architect, Engineer

Vasilis Mitsopoulos

Senior Architect, Engineer

Penny Psyharaki

Junior Architect, Engineer

Maria Panagiotopoulou

Interior Designer

Kleopatra Roumelioti

Senior draftsperson

Amalia Vaila

Senior draftsperson

Katerina Koutsoupi

Senior draftsperson

Panayota Kafka

Senior draftsperson and CAD/CAM

Sofia Sohou

Interior Architecture

Evgenia Kontou

Interior Architecture & MA in Lighting Design

Private Clients

Avramidis G.

Avramidis D.


Atsalakis, G.


Boutaris Konstantinos

Diakomihali N.

Duncalf Walker Paul

Ertsos G.

Giannoulis M.

Giannoulis K.

Grammatikakis G.

Grafanakis A.

Kakkos A.

Karagiorgis G.

Kapsis S.A.

Kladis S.A.

Kokonas K.

Kokkinos D.

Kontokali S.A.


Konstantakopoulos A.

Konstantakopoulos C.

Lazari Bros

Lempidaki A.

Loutsis T.

Makris, N.

Maragou, O.


Metaxas L.


Mitsotaki Klairi


Pascal Polar

Pauls Villages S.A

Petzetaki, M.

Petraki E.

Perakis I.

Plagiotakis G.

Samelas A.

Sevliadis Rea S.A.

Sionis D.

Sbokos J.

Schill J.

Stratakis E.


Takos S.A

Tsogas & Co.


Tomaras T.




Vardas-Oikonomou S.A.

Vasalos M.

Vasilakis A. S.A.

Vernicos - Verina Sifnos S.A.

Vourvahakis M.

Vordonis M. – Thenamaris



Xanthakis A.


Xenidou H.

Zapatinas N.

Zahariadis N.

Zervos S.A. - Daktylidis

Zotos X.

Hotel/Development Clients

Agapi Beach S.A. - Sbokos

Athanasopoulos F.D. S.A.

Aineias S.A.

Aks Hotels S.A.

Akti Helona - Andriopoulos

Alea Investments

Aluminium Thalassinos

Aquis Hotels S.A.

Asimenia Akti S.A. Malia - Sbokos

Arsinoi S.A.

Atsalakis G.

Barbagiannis T. S.A.

Bella Vista S.A.

British Council

Capsis Hotels S.A.

Chandris Hotels S.A.

Chronaki Bros S.A.

Candia S.A. Sbokos

Crete Golf S.A.

Cybarco Hellas

Cm Construction Mangagement S.A.

Daios Plastics S.A.

Daktylidis - Zervos S.A.

Daskalantonakis - Grecotel

Daskalantonakis – Daskotel S.A.

Daskalantonakis - Daos Akinita S.A.

Daskalantonakis - Aquila S.A.

Dasouras, S. - Darco Hellas

Diakomihali N.

Dimand S.A.

Doyros S.A.

Dracopoulos - Marbella S.A.

Ekter S.A.

Ergoepiskeves S.A. – M. Ledakis


Garden Plaza S.A.

Giannoulis M. & N., S.A.

Geniki Techniki S.A.

Georgiadis K. & M., S.A.

Hapimag Hellas S.A.

Hellas Holiday Hotels S.A.- Daios

Horizon S.A. - Papatheodoridis


Iliopoulos Petros S.A.

Investors S.A.

Ivas Delakis

Kakkos A.

Kaloutsakis – Cretotel S.A. & Kori S.A.

Kladis S.A.

Kokonas N. - O.K. Kokonas S.A.

Kokkinos D.

Kontokali S.A.

Lady Mary S.A.

Lanitis Group - Landa S.A.

Lazari Bros

Lakitiras S.A. – Andreopoulos

Lempidaki A.

Louis Hellenic Cruises

Ledakis - Tachydomi S.A.

Lelakis S.A. – Mj Properties

Lipantzis - Moraitis S.A.

Macedonian Hotels S.A. - Tornivoukas

M & V Constructions – Plakantonakis

Developments S.A.

Marriott - Chandris

Mamidakis – Mirabello S.A.

Manessis S.A.

Manousos M & I – Hellenic Tourism &

Hotels Crete S.A.

Maragou O.


Metaxas L.

Mihalakis G. - Fytrakis Mansion S.A.

Mihalakis G. - Hotellas S.A.

Milos Astika Akinita S.A.-spiliadis

Minoan Lines

Mitsis Hotels - Akti Ariadni S.A. Tholari

Filoxenia S.A.

Mykynai S.A.

Neokleous A.

Nikopolis S.A.

Oikonomou Bros S.A. – Vardas

Oikonomou S.A.

Olympic Palace S.A. - Ioannou D.

Olympion Sa - Doudos

University Of Crete

Perogiannoi Bros S.A. – Tourist Hotels

Papastratos S.A.

Pascal Polar

Pauls Villages S.A.

Plagiotakis G.

Plaka S.A. Sbokos

Plakantonakis – Penlidis G.P.

Plakias Resorts S.A.. - Liodakis

Prometheus Gas – Kopelouzos

Spetses Initiative S.A.

Sevliadis Rea S.A.

Sbokos Hotel Group

Sbokos – Antlantis S.A.

Sbokos – Antlantis S.A.

Sbokos – Golf Residencies S.A.

Sbokos V. - Sbokos G.

Omiros Stathopoulos S.A.

Stathopoulos – Ermis S.A.

Stratakis E.

Takos S.A.

Takos S.A.

Tena S.A.

Tenamar S.A.

Tholari S.A, Filoxenia S.A.

Tsogas & Co.


Halkidiki Hotels – Tornivoukas

Tourism Resorts S.A.

Piraeus Bank

Ministry Of Culture




Hatzikonstantinou S.A.

Ikaros Village S.A.

Vanda Ltd

Vardas-Oikonomou S.A.

Vasalos M.

Vasilakis A. S.A.

Vatidis A. - Kontokali Bay S.A.

Vernicos - Verina Sifnos S.A.

Vourvahakis, M.

Vordonis M. – Thenamaris

Vordonis M. – Thenamaris


Xenikaki Bros A.E. Techniki

Xydias S.A.

Yes Hotels

Zervos S.A. - Daktylidis